Workplace Health

Kick Off

  • Bring us to your work for lunch’n’learns.
  • Seasonal, custom or ‘hot’ topics (functional foods, smart supplements, anti-aging…)
  • Contact us to find out more, or to schedule your seminar


  • Web & On-site health Assessments, time-saving accessibility
  • Accurate measures of lifestyle, nutrition, biometrics, lab, lung & no-sweat Fitness test!
  • Confidential reports (Aggregate & individual) of health status & risks


  • Personalized health Plans to prevent Disease & optimize Performance
  • Scientific based Integrative (conventional & complementary) medicine.
  • Screened for interactions & safety.


  • Daily reminders to track and monitor health factors and symptoms


  • 5 years of health data across multiple industries & sizes documents Improved health scores, & Reduced illness
  • Contain health costs, Increase employee health, performance & loyalty, Bring us to your work. – Contact us today.